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The vision for this practice is to provide clients with premium tax and business consulting services that will:

• Minimize tax obligations while achieving other strategic objectives.
• Be delivered with integrity and professionalism.
• Incorporate the latest tax and business developments.
• Use the latest available technology, and
• Be delivered at an affordable price.

Jenkins & Co., LLC (“firm”) pursues excellence in delivering professional business, personal, and not-for-profit tax, attest, accounting, and consulting services. We believe that excellence means:

• Understanding clients’ objectives, interests, risk-tolerance and concerns,
• Tailoring professional services to meet client objectives,
• Providing accurate, timely and convenient services,
• Minimizing client tax liabilities within clients’ range of comfort,
• Meeting or exceeding, where appropriate, applicable professional standards,
• Serving the community in a positive fashion, and
• Setting the standard for strong ethical conduct.

The focus for the firm is to “Do the right thing”. Doing the right thing is not enough. The firm also subscribes to the adage: “Do the thing right”. Excellence happens when a company does the right thing and the company does the thing the right way. That basic concept permeates the firm and that concept defines how the firm operates.

Professional Standards

Jenkins & Co., LLC observes all applicable professional standards. In all cases, the firm meets or exceeds those professional standards. We believe observance to those standards reflects the right thing to do and ultimately the best client service.