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New Business Formation

Let's be honest: if going into business for yourself doesn't scare the daylights out of you, it should. Jenkins & Co., LLC Specializes in helping new businesses get started. The work plan to start a business is extensive. The professionals at Jenkins & Co., LLC have substantial expertise in new business formation. Both Ed Jenkins and Darlene Jenkins teach Small Business Management at a major university, leading students through the process of creating a business plan. Those professionals can help walk you through all of the tasks necessary to successfully start your business and help you manage your business as you need help.

Many people choose to fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to starting their business. We recommend that you spend the time and money to make sure your idea has a strong chance of success. We think the best was to do that is to complete a business plan. Our arrangements are flexible. We can prepare a business plan from beginning to finish for you or just help guide you through the process. We start with basic idea development, help with market research information and sources, develop forecasts and projections, advise on organization structure, help write and edit, and get you ready to present your plan.

Our service offering doesn't end there. Most start-ups can't afford in-house accounting and tax services. We offer bookkeeping and payroll services for companies using Quickbooks brand software. We can also setup your accounting function if you choose to have bookkeeping in-house by setting up QuickBooks brand software on your computer.

If you just need compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements and tax returns completed we are there for you as your business grows.

Business Transformations

Jenkins & Co., LLC has substantial experience in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and post-merger integration, If you need assistance in evaluating a target or capturing the value you expected in a transaction, we can help you through the process. If the global competitive environment compels you to consider rationalization of your organization or supply chain we can help you get the size of your organization right for your business environment.

Law Firm Support

Jenkins & Co., LLC provides tax and accouting support to law firms as an outsourced tax research and defense provider. We also provide accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services for law firms.