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Tax Services

We provide tax services to businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organizations. Those services fall into these categories:

  1. Tax return preparation
  2. Tax inquiry response and audit defense
  3. Transaction planning
  4. Tax research

Tax return preparation:

Our firm seeks to provide premium tax services delivered in a fashion that represents best practices; while still meeting client expectations with respect to the cost of services. In order to deliver on that expectation, we use CCH ProSystems Fx tax preparation and planning software. We believe that software to be the best on the market.

We also use a variety of tax research products from CCH, RIA and Tax Analysts to support our tax research. Due to recent law changes, we are not permitted to sign a tax return that includes a tax return position that does not meet the "substantial authority" standard. Loosely interpreted, that standard means the tax return position is expected to have at least a 40% chance of being sustained to the highest level of appeal. We can sign tax returns that include tax return positions that do not meet that standard as long as we disclose that position on your return, assuming the tax return position is non-frivolous.

Tax Defense - Inquiry Response and Audit Defense:

Because we have substantial expertise in taxation, our firm is very comfortable in appropriately responding to letters from taxing authorities and representing you before the IRS and other taxing jurisdictions. Mr. Jenkins has represented the 20,000 certified public accountants in Pennsylvania as the Liaison to the IRS and he has represented both large case and small businesses before the IRS and other taxing jurisdictions, the firm is very comfortable in aggressively defending your tax return in audits and appeals. Mr. Jenkins has acted as a technical advisor to the IRS and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and he has testified at Commonwealth hearings.

Transaction Planning:

Judge Learned Hand set the expectation for tax planning with his comment that clearly expresses the expectation and right of every citizen to organize his or her affairs in a fashion that best represents their interests in tax and business matters. Our firm specializes in providing transaction support. If you need help with personal financial planning we can help you organize your personal finances in the most advantageous fashion. Please see our personal financial planning section.

Businesses need planning help too. As teachers of small business classes, we are expert at providing business plan research, idea development, financial modeling and plan documentation. Our business planning process has a successful track record at placing financing for new businesses and expansions. Our experts can help you with your business operating budget, capital budget, entity selection and many other aspects of transaction planning. We bring the tax expertise to the table and we combine it with level headed business acumen.

Need help figuring out your estimates? We can do that for you.

Tax Research:

Perhaps your need is not as substantial a need as personal financial planning or business planning. Maybe you just have a question about gifting to grandkids, how to treat cancellation of indebtedness income, or what retirement options to choose. We use the best research capability available to help you sort out your facts, identify the applicable law, and resolve the question in a fashion that achieves the greatest benefit for you. We document our research in accordance with standards established by Treasury Regulation 1.6662-4(d) and Internal Revenue Code Section 6694, as well as standards established by Treasury Circular 230 and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.